About Kidders Crossing

What about Kidders Crossing?  And what does “The Junction of Here and There” mean? What if it has many applications?

What if it denotes geographical locations?  . . . Maybe.

Perhaps it’s an altered life, or two altered lives, or maybe the pursuit of a meaningful life changed by people we meet?

Perhaps it’s about the “somewhere” place between making and achieving goals and personal success.

Maybe it’s all of those things and more; one thing is certain . . . at the junction . . . indicates a pivotal place in our lives. As such the tagline on our “Kidders Crossing” Facebook page was born to read:

Blogging about Life, Living, Faith, and Hope at the Junction of Here and There.

Kidders Crossing is mostly about the things a man and a woman bring to a life they hadn’t planned.  The decisions we make (and those made for us) shape  our lives, from the time we are children, but  God’s love, mercy and grace can change and reshape those lives.

Ours is such a story.  We will see how it unfolds from post to post.  For now, we invite you to follow our blog as it evolves into . . . “there”.

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