What Difference Does It Make? Part II

Five Part Series

What difference does it make? What if we give up when reaching our dreams seems completely unattainable?  How will it matter in the grand scope of things, after we’re gone if we never realize our dreams? Have you ever wondered if you stay the course and attain your dream, how many others it might impact?

Hold fast to dreams

For if dreams die

Life is a broken-winged bird That cannot fly.

Hold fast to dreams

For when dreams go

Life is a barren field Frozen with snow.

 - Langston Hughes

What I “do” doesn’t define who I am; the world gives us labels for the purpose of categorizing our social worth or ability to earn income. Today, my “labels” include Writer, Poet, Author, Graphic Designer, Crafter, Artist, Blogger, Brand Partner, Affiliate Partner, and struggling Web Administrator. It’s no wonder life gets messy, especially since these skills were learned along the way.

Through the years, I have tried my hand at crafting, cooking, writing, design, and sewing; just about anything that captured my interest. I found abundant joy in sharing those things with other people as handmade gifts or favors. My love for creating things became known through word of mouth mostly, and often I found myself creating commissioned work. What if I had given up?  My daughter wouldn’t have the memory of a beautiful princess gown for Halloween, or the cakes we learned to decorate for a show and the ribbons we brought home.  My son’s cake won 1st place in his category; he wouldn’t if I had given up when the royal icing failed over and over.  If I had given up after the 20th rewrite, my book wouldn’t have  made a 4th grader want to learn to write.  Hobbies have a way of evolving into the fulfillment of lifelong dreams, but if we give up it says more about who we are than what we do.

Writing has been one of the ways I get to do some of those things, Blogging is another. It gives me an outlet to do some pieces on the journey of just living life. It also provides me, a place to give others voice in commenting, a platform to market my book along with upcoming work; still others a voice talking about issues they are passionate about.

. . . And over the past 9-10 months a place to partner with some families who are helping thousands of others improve their lives. In fact, for a very short time the Langfords and their team are offering a free mini e-course in audio format on living healthy “Natural” lifestyles .   (This offer is no longer available - but there will be more from there team )

Who ‘I am’ defines what I do. Who I am is a child of God, a daughter of the King of Kings, firstborn daughter in a family of six, a wife, a mother, a grandmother, a dreamer, an encourager, a listener, and friend; changing and affecting change in my world every day.

Having a thirst for knowledge, a desire to learn new software and technology; an insatiable curiosity about the changing world we live in is both wonderful and consuming. It is compounded by the awesome power of the love of my God. It has no bounds and every day is an adventure with Jesus at my side. How exciting it is to see ways we were created to reflect a magnificence we can barely comprehend. All things created by Him are fascinating to me; His words are precious and make me want more.

More than all the labels I mentioned, I want to be known as a friend, a lover of people and children and animals; someone to be trusted with the hopes, hurts, and dreams people would share with me. I want to share my heart, my joy, my prayers; my hope. We can endure and survive amazing things when we have hope that is rightly placed in God’s love for His children.

What’s more, retirement doesn’t have to put an expiration date on our enjoyment of life. Let’s remain relevant and keep our body and brains healthy so we can live life with a fullness of heart. Let’s remember the child in each of us and reconnect with our hopes and dreams. Maybe, just maybe, we can fire up those dreams again; maybe we can achieve that image we once had in our head.

What is your dream?

What difference will it make to you if no one else hears the message in your hearts or reads the book you dream of publishing?the

What difference will it make if you don’t reach your dream?

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