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Sometimes doing what you've been longing for takes some courage!

A Promise Kept and a Dream Come True!

A certain little girl loved having her grandmother snuggle up with her and tell her stories.  One day the grandmother received a photo of her granddaughter’s first visit to the zoo.  The sweetness of the photo inspired her to start writing the stories that filled her heart; she wanted a way to connect her childhood in some way to this child’s imagination.  The grandmother promised herself “Getting Granny’s Goat” would one day be a book her granddaughter and other children could hold in their hands and it would have pictures!  She kept her promise and her dream of becoming a writer finally came true!    –– And yours can too!

My name is Kathleen J Kidder, and yes, I’m that grandmother – I hope you love my story, I loved writing it.

Would you like a SIGNED COPY?

It’s Springtime and Summer’s not far off.   Read an e-Book week is over, it’s time to pick up a paperback!  What to do this summer?  Grab a copy of my book and see what Greta does with hers!!  E-mail me at KathleenJKidder.author@gmail.com and I will tell you how to get a copy signed by me.

SIGNED COPYE-Reader formats  or In Print - Paperback


Excitement and reality hit all at once when I opened those business cards!  It felt as big as an actor seeing his or her name in lights on the marquee.  Here it is! My marquee, to be handed out and tucked in the books I prepared for signing at the 2nd Annual General Motors Arts In The Park Festival, Oct 19th, 2013!

A great day to teach some kids how to write a Haiku and a great day for a book signing!

“Getting Granny’s Goat, Grandpa’s Best Kept Secret” print début happened October 19th, 2013 by invitation to Maury County Parks’ 2nd Annual General Motors Arts In The Park Festival.

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